Our operation is based on expertise and security. We begin our cooperation by assigning a dedicated property manager for every single property owner. Our property managers are in direct contact with the clients (both property owners and tenants). His/her main responsibility is to manage all maintenance, rent and financial settlement related issues of the property. We prepare a Status Report on each new property and put together a proposal in relation of necessary measures, maintenance, small fixes, next to which we also assess and provide a solution proposal with regard to due obligations towards utility companies or condominium committees if applicable. In addition, we advertise the properties for rent in cooperation with property agent colleagues and take active part in the finding of the best tenant. Upon request we also prepare a proposal package in relation of the maintenance and utilization of the given property (residential or office use, or condominium establishment in case of more residential premises). Our responsibilities include every task related to the preservation of property value, maintenance, utilization and management. Main Principles:

  • Securing top-level tenants for apartment(s) mainly through relocation agents
  • Negotiating and reviewing lease contracts on behalf of the owner
  • Preparing rental contracts where necessary
  • Organize rental and utility recharge invoices on behalf of owners
  • Arrange inventory and managing tenant handovers
  • Collection and forwarding of rental income
  • Handling security deposit refunds
  • Preparing quarterly owner’s statements
  • Represent owner at condominium meetings and at public utility offices
  • Monitoring utility meters and invoices
  • Ensuring payment of relevant taxes, fees and duties
  • Securing and managing insurance coverage and handling any necessary claims
  • Promptly handle any maintenance issues, including annual heating/cooling system checks
  • Monitoring and scheduling maintenance issues carried out under warranty
  • Arranging cleaning facilities required by tenant or owner


Management fee is 10% (for owner’s with 5 or more apartments it may be reduced to 8%)
Rent commission: one month rent fee

27% V.A.T. must be added to all of our service charges according to current Hungarian legistlation!